Mindoku.com will be closed by the end of 2020. Please use Vint.ee to play online games!
*You can use Vint.ee with your mindoku.com username if you signed up using your google / facebook e-mail. If you have problems logging into vint.ee with your mindoku.com username, please turn to info@vint.ee!
* You can translate Vint.ee to your native language using Google translate plugin.
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  • Gomoku
  • Renju
  • Pente
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  • Daily sudokus
  • Sudoku tournaments
  • 9x9, 6x6, diagonal and irregular
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  • Othello
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  • Entropy
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  • Checkers
  • Russian checkers
  • 10x10 draughts
  • Draughts, giveaway draughts
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  • Chess
  • Blocking
  • Three checks
  • Fischer random chess
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  • Connect 4
  • Stack 4D
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  • Podkidnoi, Perekidnoi
  • 4-player Perekidnoi
  • Bismarck
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  • Lines Of Action
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  • Double Up

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