About Mindoku

Mindoku.com, launched in November 2011, is a mind sports portal. Its objective is to enable mind sports enthusiasts to play different types of board games against each other. Creating a user account and playing in Mindoku is free of charge.

All Mindoku's games are played in real-time against human opponents. Users have ratings that show their skills in each game. In addition to playing in game rooms, there are also tournaments for more challenging competitions.

Mindoku is also an online community for mind sports friends. We have created a forum where mind sports related discussions can be held.

Our games:

  • Gomoku (regular and swap), Renju (including Taraguchi), Pente;
  • Sudoku (9x9, 6x6, 9x9 diagonal);
  • Entropy;
  • Othello;
  • Checkers, Russian Checkers, International Checkers, Draughts, Giweaway Draughts;
  • Connect 4, Stack 4D;
  • Chess, Blocking, Three Checks, Fisher Random Chess;
  • Podkidnoi/Durak, Perekidnoi;
  • Lines Of Action.

See you in the game rooms!

Mindoku Team