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Hi Sudokuers ,

Today I am very happy since its my dream come true. ITS SUDOKU WORLD CUP WINING FEELING FOR ME. ITS THE IMPOSSIBLE TIME OF 5.401 SECOND SOLVING 6X6 EASY GRID. Even for many players filling all 18-19 squares with same number takes 5s. I think even fastest Sudoku players on earth have to go to their maximum extent for beating my record.
Hoping for anyone beating my record so it give me a new challenge.

below is the video solve of Sudoku.

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That's just great!

Let's share the video and see if anyone can beat that:)!

Congratz! Amazing result. Can't imagine it solving this in 5 seconds :P Really crazy stuff

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Its a year when I got first time 6s on 6x6 easy i.e a year n still my record is unbeaten :) Trying hard for 4s The impossible 4s is coming soon.

One more record fastest solve of 6x6 easy Sudoku in daily leagues also belongs to me i.e dp_94, Know I have both record times of 6x6 easy and medium in daily leagues and all times (DL E-6.83s M-8.97,AT E- 5.401s M- 8.976)