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So its a year getting me 5 sec on 6x6 easy and still I hold the record :-).Even I dont know that can I get another 5 sec since I was insane fast at that time of my record.

I Think The Sudoku Community does not consider these things as record , I can say this by the feedback I gotten from Sudoku Geeks.

But still for me mindoku.com is a great platform.As this 6x6 solving build up a great speed passion in me thats lasts forever Thank You 6x6 Sudoku smile

I want to thanks all those people(I know very few in quantity) who thinks it a great achievement. thumbsup

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Great achievement! Since there are only two people with a 5 second time, it seems to be quite a challenge to be able to solve that fast.

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But the second ranker solved more than double of Sudoku's that I solved which is currently 16223 its a Huge Number. laughing

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Hello, dp_94.

I'm sorry to say but our user Krubi just broke your record!

Your time was 00:05.401542 His: 00:05.229142

Krubi (Ragnar Kruberg) is one of the fastest sudoku solvers in Estonia.

So - hope to hear about a new record from you soon:)!

Best Regards, Meikop