Mindoku VIP subscription

Mindoku VIP subscription gives you extra possibilities in games and tournaments that the free version does not have.


In addition to feeling good about supporting the development and maintenance of Mindoku, you get:

  • Possibility to create tournaments
  • Possibility to create gametables in cardgames
  • "Bad netword connection insurance": when your network connection drops, the gameserver will make moves for you until you return; available in Bismarck, Sasku and Thousand
  • Possibility to remove watchers from their games
  • Possibility to play privately, without watchers
  • Additional privileges in tournaments
    • VIP club member can be late to any tournament by registering themselves to the tournament before the second round has started;
    • Possibility to participate in daily Mindoku VIP Freerolls with prizes.

The prices and purchase options of the VIP subscription can be found here.